International exchange camp: Global challenges, local solutions – Let’s get involved!

People living in Germany and Spain are invited to join our International Exchange Camp 2022, held in the outskirts of Dresden in the protected natural area of Saxon Switzerland.

During two week-camp, participants will take part in an interactive learning experience to broaden the understanding and awareness about the global social-ecological impacts of our way of producing and consuming in Europe. We are going to exchange our perspectives about global themes such as: our current economic system, our global food production, natural resources exploitation and social injustice behind our lifestyle. At the same time, we will get to know alternatives to the common way of doing things.

Participants will take part in specific teams and participate in different activities: workshops, preparation of daily sustainable meals, planning camp events, art public presentation and the creation of a camp-documentation. Likewise, we will visit local sustainable initiatives in the area – for example the community supported ecological agriculture, waste-free shops, a repair cafe, a tour in Dresden about post-colonialism and much more.

Organized by CAMBIO e.V. / In partnership with Jarrón Club

Date 17th – 26th June 2022
Location Seminar House „Herberge auf dem Kulm“. More details in:
Age 18 – 30 years
Language English (intermediate level)
Fee Between 50 – 80€ (Solidarity Principle)
Registration Until 1st May (here)
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Wo? Herberge auf dem Kulm
Weissig 7b
01796 Struppen
Format Veranstaltung
Zielgruppe informelles/non-formales Lernen
Themen Bildung für alle, Themenübergreifend, Weltpolitik, internationale Zusammenarbeit
Region Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge


CAMBIO e.V. - Aktionswerkstatt für Umweltschutz und Menschenrechte

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