Active Learning Event 1 „Environment, Citizenship and Digitality: Towards a Sustainable Future“ for primary level

This is a blended learning course, with synchronous and asynchronous online sessions over three weeks and an optional face to face component in the fourth and final week.

During the first week, participants gain an overview of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the relationship between sustainability and environmental education. Through practical activities, which can be adapted for primary age learners, participants explore SDG 15 ‘Life on Land’, in particular ecosystems, biodiversity, and the impacts of exotic and invasive species globally and locally.

During the second week, participants explore climate crisis resilience through games. They learn how traditional board games can be transformed into instruments for raising awareness of the climate crisis and building resilience to tackle different types of climate crises.

The third week focuses on the relationship between sustainability and digitality. Participants consider environmental impacts of technology and the relationship between (digital) technology and sustainability from a global perspective. This includes such questions as: which precious ‘conflict minerals’ are needed to produce technology, the energy requirements of its use, the related CO2 emissions and considerations for their disposal or recycling. Participants will explore the ways in which technologies have always been instruments of world measurement – also of world exploration – and thus can make a significant contribution to mitigating the climate crisis.

The face to face sessions in Santarem bring together participants from different countries to interact, and experience and reflect on further course activities and materials. There will also be ‘learning by doing’ through an outdoor education activity, and an optional evening program.


Course schedule


  • Online-Synchronous: 12.04.2023, 05:30-07:30 pm CET
  • Asynchronous Self-learning online phase 12.04-19.4
  • Online-Synchronous: 19.04.2023, 06:00-07:30 pm CET
  • Asynchronous Self-learning online phase 19.04-26.4.
  • Online-Synchronous: 26.4.2023, 07:00-08:00 pm CET
  • Face-to-face workshop in Santarem: 4-6.5.2023



The application deadline for the face to face workshop in Santarem is 04.04.23 Decisions will be sent out by 07.04.23

Apply here

Teacher Academy Project- Teaching Sustainability (TAP-TS) is one of eleven Erasmus+ Teacher Academy projects, running from July 2022 to June 2025. The consortium includes partners in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Sweden. TAP-TS aims to strengthen primary- and secondary-level teachers’ and learners’ sustainability competences by engaging teachers, student teachers and teacher educators through professional learning courses and in the development, adaption and use of learning and teaching materials.

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