Representing the paradigmatic match of science meets action meets science, the praxiSDG facilitation and coaching tandem Dr. Sylvia  Maus, LL.M. und Dr. Martin Gerner, MBA embodies promising qualities for initiating, facilitating and coaching transformational learning in sustainability.

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Designed, commissioned and customized for different higher-education institutions, praxiSDG engages participants in a proactive, self-determined and experiential way through projects that live up to partner-organizations’ needs and expectations in a predefined scope. Hence, praxiSDG is understood as a next practice of learning and doing, which aims at enabling participants to strengthen and unfold their ability to transform as a basis for sustainability action.

praxiSDG is a service-learning course open to students of all disciplines and study semesters that…
  • provides theoretical-conceptual background in the areas of volunteerism and civic engagement, e. g. rural-urban commons, co-creation, common public interest, service learning and sustainability-related terminology, e. g. SDGs
  • enables insights into different opportunities for sustainability-oriented commitment in institutionally-structured, non-profit fields of activity; and
  • facilitates a specifically contextualized commitment determined by the need of the partner organization, e. g. through campus-community partnerships.

Furthermore, praxiSDG fosters…

  • analysing individual, discipline-specific and professional strategies of engagement;
  • reflecting of  experiences in a structured and systematically-guided way;
  • preparing  professional presentations of one’s genuine service-learning experiences; and
  • practicing project-based, interdisciplinary team work with heterogeneous needs and prerequisites.


Format Buchbare Fort- und Weiterbildungen, außerschulischer Lernort, Sonstiges
Bildungsbereich schulische Bildung, Hochschule, Kommune, informelles/non-formales Lernen
Themen Themenübergreifend
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